Write One Page of Shit

Here’s an interesting concept I learnt from micro-blogger and first world humanitarian (I joke, but he’s a pretty cool guy), Tim Ferriss. He was on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast (pretty cool, you can find it on iTunes), and they were having a little tittle for an hour and a bit mostly about writing.

Tim Ferriss is actually an author, and a goal he sets himself is to write, in his own words, “Two shitty pages a day.” I love the concept. For any writer battling to get things down on the page, setting yourself such a low benchmark is entirely achievable.

Put it this way, if you write two shit pages a day, after a month you’re going to get somewhere. The shit will begin to be filtered out of your words. The first few pages might be drivel, but hidden within there somewhere will be magic, and magic that you can run with and build on.

So I set a target to all aspiring writers, and to keep it simpler, and that is to write one page of shit a day. Open up your Microsoft Word and just get writing, think of any subject you can think of and write until the page is filled up.

Maybe you’re a blogger, an aspiring journalist, author, creative story writer, whatever, maybe you have writer’s block, maybe you don’t. Maybe you just need an outlet for your crazy mind and you have access to a computer. Start that page of shit and it could turn into something beautiful.

I leave you with this quote, “All the greatest food on this planet starts from one thing: shit.” You put carrot seeds into shit and what grows? A beautiful carrot which you can eat. The same goes for words on a page, sort of.

Write One Page of Shit

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