A Page About Bikes

man-on-bicycle“I want to ride my bicycle”

Freddie Mercury sang that lyric. Is it about bikes? Might be. It could also be a metaphor for anal sex, or drugs, knowing Freddie. So why do people ride bikes? It’s that freedom. You don’t need to go and fill it up with petrol. You just hop on in shorts and spikes and get going. The world is literally your oyster. You can be part of the road alongside cars and other bikes, or you can go off-road into your own world experiencing nature on a bike. A bike is a great way to see many of the canals and toe paths in England. On a sunny spring or summer’s day, there’s really no better way to get around the country and delight in the fresh air and the wonderful serene nature that England has to offer.


London is also a great place to see on a bike. That’s why the Boris Bikes were invented. It’s such an ideal place for cyclists because there are no hills. Central London is pretty much all flat. So instead of jumping on the Tube, or hailing a really expensive black cab, the Boris Bikes (sponsored by Barclaycard) were introduced. It’s also a much faster way of getting through central London, as you can weave your way in and out of traffic (being careful, of course! Try and wear a helmet) and find yourself at your destination a lot quicker than if you were in a car or on the smelly buzz of the Underground.

You never see a fat person on a bike

It’s also healthy. You use your cardiovascular system to get yourself around. This is so true, because lugging your extra weight around is just a damned bitch to deal with. So cycling can help you lose weight, as well as appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. It’s just you and the road.


The problem cyclists have to deal with, though, are other road users, namely cars. People in cars despise seeing cyclists on the road. The road was made for cars, you see. And it is true to a degree. Cyclists don’t pay road tax, so therefore should they really be on the road at all? It’s a fair enough question, but then cycling on pedestrian pathways might be even more dangerous, as you can run over pedestrians, or even be blind-sided by corners or cars reversing out of their driveways onto the road.

So should cyclists start paying road tax? I think so. Even £15 a year or so to have your bike taxed would alleviate the problems that cars have with cyclists on their roads, and it’s a small price to pay for that peace of mind, I think. Taxing cyclists would also generate a few extra million pounds every year which could be re-invested into the roads to pay for things like cycle lanes (which are brilliant, by the way), or just doing up the major roads in the UK. We all pay £120 for a TV licence each year (well, the vast majority of us do), so £15 to be able to use the roads with your bike seems fair enough. And anyone who doesn’t wish to pay can just use the pedestrian pathways and canal paths like any other person, just watch out for that mommy with the stroller! Maybe get a bell. (Ding, ding) “Excuse me, please. Thank you.”

Riding is fun

You can also race others on your bike. A bit juvenile, perhaps, but going over jumps on a bike is great fun, as is speeding really quickly on a bike. It’s that freedom again. It’s closer to a motorbike than a car will ever be, I suppose, but your legs will feel the heat afterwards.

I like writing about riding almost as much as I like riding, and writing, though never simultaneously. Although…

A Page About Bikes

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